California Outreach List

The project has been reaching out to California government officials responsible for managing the state's homelessness problem. This page lists those we've reached out to and their responses. If you care about helping the homeless and your government representative is on this list with negative or no response, the power of the vote is in your hands.

Scorecard Outreach Total: 30, No Responses: 25, Positive Responses: 2, Negative Responses: 0
Pending Response (recent mailing): 3

Analysis: Houston, we've got a problem!

CA State Governor Newsom (3 emails, 1 mailed packet): no response

CA State Assembly
Human Services Committee Co-Chairs
Eloise Gomez Reyes (2 mailed packets): no response
Devon Mathis (2 mailed packets): no response
Assembly Members
Joaquin Arambula (mailed packet): no response
Frank Bigelow (mailed packet): *** sent packet to Gov Homelessness task Force ***
Rob Bonta (mailed packet): no response
David Chiu (mailed packet): no response
Steven Chio (mailed packet): no response
Jordan Cunningham (mailed packet): no response
Laura Friedman (mailed packet): no response
Eduardo Garcia (mailed packet): no response
Mike Gibson (mailed packet): no response
Lorena Gonzalez (mailed packet): no response
Chris Holden (mailed packet): no response
Reginald Jones-Sawyer (mailed packet): no response
Brian Malenschein (mailed packet): no response
Chad Mayes (mailed packet): no response
Jose Medina (mailed packet): no response
Miguel Santiago (mailed packet): no response
Mark Stone (mailed packet): no response

CA State Senate
Senator Melissa Hurtado Human Services Cmt (mailed packet): pending response
Senator Brian W. Jones Human Services Cmt (mailed packet): pending response

CA Governor's Homelessness Task Force
Mayor Darrell Steinberg City of Sacramento (2 mailed packets): no response

CA City Governments
Mayor London Breed City of San Francisco (emailed packet): no response
Mayor Eric Garcetti City of Los Angeles (emailed packet): no response
Mayor Christy Holstege City of Palm Springs (emailed packet): *** will carefully review ***

CA County Governments
Board of Supervisors, County of Sacramento (2 emailed packets): no response
Frank Axe Amador County Supervisor (facebook group message): no response

US Federal Government
We have reached out to the White House in regards to the lack of response/concern over the homelessness problem here in CA by government officials responsible for action.

Tom McClintock US Congressman (sent concerns over lack of response): pending response