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Charles Bowen

Thirty years of business & project management and software development, with a background in law enforcement and actual experience on the street has given Chuck the knowledge to develop and manage this project. Review his full resume at it was Chuck's 2020 new year's resolution to make his plan a reality.

Email: "chuck @" Telephone: (private)

Project Social Media Ambassador

Bear Mental Health Therapy Dog

Bear is a rescue with the special gift of knowing when love is needed. He's a "leader of the pack" kind of dog and we are blessed to have him aboard.

Email: "bear @" Telephone: (private)

Project News

04/15/2020 - Microsoft Nonprofits has granted 1BED4ALL free access to software and cloud computing. Google gives us free access to gsuites and donates $10,000 worth of Google Ads - both tech companies are amazing!

03/26/2020 - 1BED4ALL starts a "Help Free Shelters Drive" to support existing shelters during these hard times. Click on the "donate" link to help.

03/07/2020 - 1BED4ALL outreach to CA State Government continues, Click Here to review the outreach list and their responses.

02/27/2020 - 1BED4ALL is now a California Nonprofit Corporation.

02/16/2020 - The project begins reaching out to the California Governors Office and members of the CA State Assembly.

02/07/2020 - The process of creating our California Non-Profit (501c) Corporation begins. 1BED4ALL INCORPORATED should be complete within three weeks.

02/03/2020 - The lastest version of the Project Overview and Facility Build & Operational Overview are now available on the procpectus page.

01/15/2020 - Our software development team begins building the pay-to-stay facility management software (FMS) application.

01/02/2020 - Chuck begins working with various industry experts to create the project's plan and facility build & operational overview.